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Christmas Training schedule.

Is now in force

Would all swimmers parents and staff please note the following christmas training times

Sunday 21st december 12.15—2.15 pm only. Development, jnr and snr squads will be together 1.15 – 2.15 pm.

Monday 22nd december 8.00—9.30 pm. Heywood pool. Development, jnr and snr squads only.

Tuesday 23rd december 4.30—6.00pm ramsbottom pool.

Development, jnr and snr squads only.

Saturday 27th december 12.00—1.30 pm ramsbottom pool.

Development, jnr and snr squads only.

Sunday 28th december 12.15—2.00 pm ramsbotom pool.

Development 12.15—1.00pm, jnr and snr groups 1.00—2.00.

Please note no learn to swim or improver groups.

Monday 29th december 3.00—4.30pm ramsbottom pool.

Development, jnr and snr squads only.

Tuesday 30th december 4.30—6.00pm ramsbottom pool.

Development, jnr and snr squads only.

Saturday 3rd january 7.00—8.00am ramsbottom pool.

Return to normal sessions.

Sunday 4th january 12.15-3.15 return to normal sessons.

Merry christmas and a happy new year from all at the club. Regards rick wesolowski chief coach..

Ramsbottom asc awards 2113.


As in previous years we have been very active within the various leagues and galas.

A successful competitive season well established in the 1st division of the NELF and runners up position in the in the Central Lancs Junior League just lost out to Howe Bridge on points count back. The poor start on the first gala against B&E cost us dear. In the jnr jubilee we competed well with a good number of young inexperienced swimmers taking part for the first time.

A few more swimmers competed in the c/l age groups and district events and some went on to compete for the district teams. A big thank you to Julie Usher and Nigel Hume who look after the swimmers hope we can build on this next year.

We must congratulate our new level 1 and 2 teachers Jake Green, Chelsea Thomason, Cath Nelson, Harriet Dawson, Ellie Clark and our pool side helpers Moria Davies and Joe Holt.

Again our committee found the money to fund our teacher training level 1£            level 2 £             a lot of money.

Thanks to all who have helped out in the running of the club Fran Hall, Angela Donohoe, Rick Denney, Peter Green, Phil Hargreaves, Marie and Rob Kilvington, and a host of others.

 Our team managers Fran Davies, Audrey Jackson and  Liz Dawson ( how she finds time to fit so much into her life is unbelievable ) .

Bob Heys our chairman and coach to our disability group on Sunday afternoon. A big thank you.  You showed so much compassion and understanding during the time of Derek’s death 

A big thank you to all our teachers and coaches very difficult year so much commitment needed, and the loss of Derek was very upsetting.

Also Paul Wilcocks our new development coach/ teacher very good addition to our staff. Long association with the club and Ramsbottom pool and the swimming development officer to Bury Metro.

IVSF in Portugal 25 swimmers from the three local clubs and 6 staff. Outstanding trip we did not win the swimming this year but rules in Portugal are very local in terms of age group classification with fastest swimmer from any age group winning so the 12year old competed against the 18year olds. Our swimmers were a pleasure to be with so polite and well behaved a credit to the club their families and themselves.

 inform them about the twin town event. Thank club for supporting the event and subsidising the costs.


             Overall Club Champions.

8 years old.  Alannah Carruthers.

Junior boy. Harry Graham Scott.

Junnior girl. Charlotte Hulme/ Katherine Waters.

Senior Man. Ben Crofts.

Senior Lady. Charlotte Marshall.

          most improved ind age group.

Dev Girl. Mia Smith.

Dev Boy. Lucas Stafford.

Junior Girl. Fallon Cooney.

Junior Boy. Adam Nelson.

Senior Girl. Elissa Shang.

Senior Boy. Ben Croft

         age group team of the year.

The Central Lancs 10year old age group mixed team. (Derek would have been so pleased) he was so proud of this group and the progress they were making.)

       Mark Oakden Trophy.

On the 12th Aug 1993 long before the person receiving this award was born a young man named Mark Oakden was killed in a helicopter crash in north wales. Mark had been a member of the club for over 10 years, a student at Bury Grammar with is whole life in front of him. A member of bury air force cadets he was on a training flight, as part of his development towards his goal of becoming a fast jet fighter pilot. When this disaster took place. He was not the only swimmer from the club Amanda Whitehead also died in the crash.

At the time everyone knew Mark, good looking young man, very popular, very polite the kind of young man you would like as your son. A bit like the young man who as won this award.

Started with the club in the jnr squad with Derek at Cannon Slade school, quickly progressed to the snr squad and then showed he had the aptitude to progress into the teaching and coaching side of the club.

 now has is own groups not only as he progressed with his teaching he as developed into a real asset to the club. Taking on various other tasks ref, starter, and organiser.

His own confidence has developed to a new level, very mature young man. So proud of him and i know Derek was to because he told me so on a number of occasions.

So the winner of the Mark Oakden award for 2013 is Jacob Green.

               Other Events

Briea Denny continues to be a member of the GB modern/pen squad.

Charlotte Smith GB hockey.

Heather Sellars GB tri/ath see her on tv in the tri world cup events, developed all her swimming at the club just a normal young woman with a dream.

Bryn Davies GB under 18year tri/ath champion

Charlotte Waddington national tri/squad.

Megan Davies GB under 18 national squad running.

Charlotte marshall national age group competitor.

Ellie Burrison Lancashire age group breaststroke champion and national age group swimmer.

+ a host of others in numerous sports well done to you all.

We are always looking for more people to come forward to help and assist.

Most of you will know the Carruthers family Its with much regret that i have to inform you that due to Ross’s work commitments that they have moved to the south of England a big loss. There has been a Carruthers involved in some way for about 30years from his dad, Alan being team manager chairman and a host of other jobs. The person who put the club on the professional footing we have now. So we wish him every success you and the family will be missed.


Code of Conduct

There is a new code of conduct for all swimmers and parents to read and sign. Please right click the link to download. Code of Conduct

Swimmers are encouraged to take advantage of the gym facilities at Ramsbottom.  Their is a junior gym for younger members from 11-16 that runs several times a week, please ask at reception for details on how to do your induction and current times. For advice on the types of exercises to perform please speak to your lead coach.

For those swimmers who wish to train at squad level Ramsbottom has strong links with Bolton Metro Swimming Squad (BMSS).  For more information speak to your coach or click on the link www.bmswimsquad.org.uk.   Swimmers who decide to take this opportunity will remain with Ramsbottom as their first claim club and will continue to compete for us, whilst doing additional sessions with BMSS.  This relationship benefits both clubs and swimmers.

New rule for galas - swimmers can only wear one piece of swimwear. See the guidance on the central lancashire site for more details.

Information about galas

Learn to Swim levels now on website

Order swimming clothes



(with effect from 1st January 2010)

With effect from 1st January 2010, the ASA rules on swimwear/costumes shall be changed. The current wording in Regulation 411 (“Costumes”) will no longer apply and instead the below shall come into force:

Regulation 411 (amended)              Costumes
411.1                                                    The swimwear (swimsuit, cap and goggles) of competitors in all competitions shall be in accordance with the  FINA General Rules and Bylaws on swimwear, in force on the date of the competition.


The above rule applies to swimming, open water swimming and masters swimming competitions.



For swimwear with the club logo please see the notice board.