Ramsbottom Amateur Swimming Club Information

Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club
Mission Statement

The aim of Ramsbottom ASC is to enable young people to attain their potential through swimming excellence.

This will be achieved by:

Encouraging team spirit and competitiveness.
Ensuring opportunity in a manner that is diverse and equitable.
Providing a safe and caring environment.
Promoting health and well being.

If members have queries regarding insurance please contact our treasurer Rick Denney.  He can be contact via email at rascclub@ramsbottomrascals.org.uk.

Members who find themselves in financial difficulties should contact the Welfare  Officer.   She can be contact via email at rascclub@ramsbottomrascals.org.uk.

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Child protection policy

Information about galas

Training schedule


Ramsbottom Rascals Swimming Club League Matches

Ramsbottom Rascals is a competitive swimming club and is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association, as well as several local swimming associations. The Club enters the following league programmes each year:

  • Central Lancs – Junior League
  • Central Lancs – Senior League
  • Central Lancs – Junior Jubilee
  • North East Lancs Friendly League (NELF)
  • National Speedo Swimming League

and also encourages swimmers to enter local association and county age group and championship competitions.
If a swimmer is selected to represent Ramsbottom Rascals in a league match, the swimmer’s name will be shown on a team sheet on the Club notice board. Swimmers should indicate their availability to swim on the team sheet as soon as possible.

Central Lancs - Junior League

The league runs between 1 March and 31 October each year, and the age groups for competitors (at 31 October) is:

  • 10 years & under (min. age 9 years)
  • 12 years & under
  • 14 years & under
  • 16 years & under

There are 2 divisions to the league and Ramsbottom currently swims in Division 1. There are 7 teams in this division, and we swim each team once per season – so we have 6 matches (3 at home and 3 away).
All the events are relay races and this usually makes for exciting matches!

Central Lancs -  Senior League

The league runs between 1 March and 31 October each year, and the age groups for competitors (at 31 October) is:

  • Juniors – under 17 years
  • Intermediates – under 20 years
  • Senior – open

At the moment there are only 4 teams in this league, as many swimming clubs do find it difficult to retain their senior swimmers. However at Ramsbottom we are keen to encourage our members to continue competing and we are very successful at this level.


Central Lancs - Junior Jubilee

Galas take place as follows:

  • 1st round – First week of March
  • 2nd round – Third week of May
  • 3rd round – First week of July
  • Finals – Second week in October

And the age groups for competitors (at 31 October) is:

  • 10 years & under (min. age 9 years)
  • 11 years & under
  • 12 years & under
  • 13 years & under

There are 20 clubs in the competition and all clubs compete in all 4 rounds. There are usually 4 clubs swimming at each gala and the number of points attained in the first 3 rounds determines which Final (A,B,C,D or E) the team qualifies for.
This competition is very useful for the swimmers as they develop because it gets so many younger children involved. The matches are good fun because there are 4 teams at each event and all the swimmers are encouraging each other.


North East Lancs Friendly League (NELF)

The Friendly League is a team event for swimmers in the age groups 9/10 years, who swim 25 metres of each stroke, 12 years and under, 14 years and under and open age group, who all swim 50 metres of each stroke. There is also a 100 metre Individual Medley event for the Open age group.
Ages are as of 31st December each year.

There are also four medley relay events, with a girls and boys 13 years and under team and a ladies and gents open age group team. At the end of the gala there are two mixed freestyle cannon relay, one for boys and one for girls, with four swimmers taking part, one from each age group.
There is an A lane and a B Lane for each team and only the A lane scores points. This gives us a chance to try out swimmers in different strokes.
In 2009 we will be competing against Colne, pioneer 79, Haslingden and Burnley.


National Speedo Swimming League

This prestigious competition was born because progressive clubs wanted to form a League consisting of a membership from a much wider area than their local County. The country is thus divided into 7 areas and the league finishes with the top teams from each area competing against each other in various National Finals. In 1986 the magic figure of 500 Teams participating in the Speedo League Competition was reached, and since that year it has been in excess of 500 each season.
The North West League extends over a wide area, embracing clubs from as far as Cumbria in the north to Staffordshire in the south, and from North Wales in the West to the Pennines in the east.
Currently there are 4 divisions within the North West:
 Premier Division – 16 teams
 Division 1 – 17 teams
 Division 2 - 16 teams
Minor Division – 10 teams
And Ramsbottom Rascals, at this time, swim in Division 1.

Galas, with 6 or 8 clubs competing at each, take place as follows:

  • 1st round – October - (random draw)
  • 2nd round – November - (random draw)
  • 3rd round – December - (rated, depending on points in previous rounds)

And the age groups for competitors (at 31 December) is:

  • 9 -11 years
  • 13 years & under
  • 15 years & under
  • Open

This competition gives Ramsbottom swimmers the opportunity to swim against the top clubs and squads in the area. The league is popular with the children and the galas seem to produce many “Personal Best Times” from our swimmers. The team spirit at these events is evident for all to see.