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Working towards
Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club Mission Statement
The aim of Ramsbottom ASC is to help young people fulfil their swimming potential.

We’ll do this by:
- Providing great coaching
- Encouraging team spirit and competitiveness
- Ensuring opportunity in a manner that is diverse and equitable
- Providing a safe and caring environment
- Promoting health and wellbeing
Welcome to Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club
A Swim 21 Accredited Club
Up and coming events
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- External Gala at Macclesfield on 18th - 19th April
- Club Shrimps Gala on 9th May 5:30 - 8:30pm at Castle Leisure Centre
(Open to younger members of the swimming club ages 10 years and under)
- International Youth Sports Festival trip to Italy in May
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