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Swimming 29th Jan 2015.

All sessions at Ramsbotom & Heywood cancelled for tonight

Hope we are back to normal tomorrow. Regards Rick

Code of Conduct

There is a new code of conduct for all swimmers and parents to read and sign. Please right click the link to download. Code of Conduct

Swimmers are encouraged to take advantage of the gym facilities at Ramsbottom.  Their is a junior gym for younger members from 11-16 that runs several times a week, please ask at reception for details on how to do your induction and current times. For advice on the types of exercises to perform please speak to your lead coach.

For those swimmers who wish to train at squad level Ramsbottom has strong links with Bolton Metro Swimming Squad (BMSS).  For more information speak to your coach or click on the link www.bmswimsquad.org.uk.   Swimmers who decide to take this opportunity will remain with Ramsbottom as their first claim club and will continue to compete for us, whilst doing additional sessions with BMSS.  This relationship benefits both clubs and swimmers.

New rule for galas - swimmers can only wear one piece of swimwear. See the guidance on the central lancashire site for more details.

Information about galas

Learn to Swim levels now on website

Order swimming clothes



(with effect from 1st January 2010)

With effect from 1st January 2010, the ASA rules on swimwear/costumes shall be changed. The current wording in Regulation 411 (“Costumes”) will no longer apply and instead the below shall come into force:

Regulation 411 (amended)              Costumes
411.1                                                    The swimwear (swimsuit, cap and goggles) of competitors in all competitions shall be in accordance with the  FINA General Rules and Bylaws on swimwear, in force on the date of the competition.


The above rule applies to swimming, open water swimming and masters swimming competitions.



For swimwear with the club logo please see the notice board.